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Why Swansea Public School?


Our school has a dedicated STEM class in both Stage 2 and Stage 3 as part of our targeted enrichment through contemporary education. This is achieved through integrated content that makes connections between KLA's visible and meaningful. 

Restorative Practice

Through our partnership with Real Schools, our school is developing a strong and productive relational school culture, through a restorative approach. Restorative practices will drive and sustain authentic partnerships between committed staff, caring students and connected communities.


Physical Education

Our school employs a Specialist PDHPE teacher that engages with students across K-6. Students are exposed to lessons and activities that target the development of Fundamental Movement Skills. We aim to foster a love of physical activity through developing the confidence and skills of our students.

State Of The Art Library

Our school has recently refurbished our Library into an innovative flexible learning space for all students to utilise. This upgrade provides a space where students can collaborate and innovate with peers outside of their class, in addition to  accessing texts that are relevant to their interests both during structured library classes and break times.

Breakfast Club

Our school provides an amazing Breakfast Club service for all students before school. Students are given the opportunity to have a variety of healthy breakfasts throughout the week, setting them up for a successful day of learning.


Our school has a dedicated and involved Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) that works tirelessly to improve our school. Through the coordination of fundraising efforts and involvement in school decision making, our P&C is consistently making a positive impact for our students and our school.

Where is Swansea Public School?